A downloadable Headbutt-em-up for Windows

Our entry into the Butterscotch Shenanijam!

A headbutt-em-up about conflict management in perilous times. The distastefulness of the game is only equaled by it's brevity.

Intended to be a lot more like the comic "Prison Pit", but only had time to implement headbutting.

Terrible Programming: Evan Greenwood
Awful Art: Marcelle Marais
Garbage Music (used without consultation): Jason Sutherland

Install instructions

Windows build. Use a standard controller or a keyboard.


Planet_Headwound_Jam_Build.zip 36 MB
Planet_Headwound_Jam_Build_Louder.zip 36 MB


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Horrible game, I loved it! Indeed terrible programming, terrible sound, and garbage graphics. Make this a complet game! Thanks.

This looks like Celebrity Deathmatch!!