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so i just spent like a week of playing the first version of the game and i just got on the neurolink today and first try finished the game and dude that last boss is a BITCH i got to 3 hp and my weapons got locked for so long but i WON BABY and i loved the game cant wait for the full game hopefully i can get that done fast too lmfao i loved both versions idk if neuro is 2 player but me and my brother were fucking around in the first version and i wanna give a bug report really quick YOU CAN JUMP ON YOUR FRIEND AND AIR JUMP WITH THAT TOO AND WHY DO WE NEED COLLISION WITH TEAMMATES lmfao loved fuckin with my brother though

were you planning a prison fight for the full release of stick it to the stickman?

i cant go to settings, instead i just get kicked out of the game

what is the controls

how do i pause

it wont let me use it even when i reset


What button are you pressing to use? 

Enter when 1 player

Space when 2 players

pls cookie bakery update

how do i get wage 25

You finish the game on the lower wages and then choose to increase the wages....


F for fun ? 

bro how do i play the og game it only allows me to play neurolink and i havent played ever before

You have to download the OG game file - The Nuerolink Demo only has the Neurolink area open.  

like you game!

So we have samurai mode and  sandbox mode on steam? NICE BRUH-



There may be a Linux version in the future depending on demand - but as of right now - the team is focusing on Windows and Mac. 





me win!

Nicely done! 

is suepr cool

Yes you are! Thanks for the compliment :) 

bro this is the sussy milk i need in my life to put in my bum.

As long as you're getting the recommended daily allowance of calcium. Thank you.

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just take my money when release

Deleted 5 days ago

Thank you for the kind words! You can wishlist it now on Steam : .


100000000000/10, would absolutely get!

THANK YOU! The team appreciates the support.(Ps - you can wishlist it now on Steam ;)  

I will!

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I found a bug when trying out your new neurolink demo. When I use the DISGRACED CEO, his suitcase always get stuck on door frames.

By the way, it is a BRILLIANT GAME! 

Thanks for the report and positive feedback! 

needs some better optimization but overall 10/10 game

I'm sure the full game will be optimised for more setups. Thanks for the great score ;) 

how do i play something other than the neurolink demo?

im tryna play the .80 version but it wont let me

You need to download the office tower version. 

Suggestion: I had an incredibly overpowered build but the mind guys near the top made me powerless while I was swarmed by enemies. As the PHD my attacks only hit the pile of enemies, which were too strong for the basic attack. I wonder if you could find some way to balance that (the power-draining)?

those Professor X guys can destroy your mind build, so for them, you need to be in their faces with physical attacks

What exactly is planned for the steam version I wonder


You guys at Free Lives are making some refreshing games in my opinion, the Terra Nil demo was relaxing to play and Anger Foot is decent goofy fun. Stickman is the one im looking forward to playing most. I gotta say you guys are a creative bunch that stick out to me most in this particular era of endless "retro" fps games that are all so basic. I've been having a hard time finding some new games that are both actually fun and super creative, but you guys are definitely making some and I really appreciate that. Thank you

"Creative bunch that STICK out" Funny!

The team appreciates the kind words and positive feedback! Thank you :) 


will it be free please be free


The honest truth is that free games don't keep the lights on or the rent paid or mouths fed. Keep in mind Free Lives is a small indie studio. 

but.... this version can be free, tho

This version is free right now - yes.

Deleted 9 days ago

I love this game but but i want to add new levels and new caracters and new moves

All of that will be happening in the Steam version 

This author be so active :O. I played this like a year ago from a YT'er I found and maxed everything but factory reset my PC cuz I was lazy, just found this game again :D.

Welcome back ;) 

man this game is so fun

Thank you for playing! 

Been playing this a while now. Great stress killer. Today I learned you can actually sit back down on pc and work. Glorious.

Glorious is a great word. Thank you. 

I played this game in 2021 and I still love it and it will never get deleted but my question is when will there be a new update

Nothing official to report yet :)


I don't know why I ever take breaks between this game, because I love it so damn much

Another awesome upload - thank you for the continued support! 

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hey can you please help since i had a weak pc, because i was at the final boss at when he is spawning the minions my pc is causing to lag and when it lags it will no longer respond when i press the space bar causing me to lose the game soo will you lower the minion spawning for weak pc's at the final boss, i will apreciate it

Make sure you have motion blur turned off - that helps

Super fun beat em up style game

The team appreciates the kind words - thank you!

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how do you get a older version of the game? you know maybe like 0.76? if I cant get it maybe you can give me version. I just want to try out the cheats. ill give my discord MY DISCORD NAME: The program. #1554

itch only stores the latest version but you might be able to find someone on the Free Lives Discord who could help you. 


This is by far my most favorite indie game that I can't wait to be released on steam. Great work!

Thank you for the support! 

Can you add one download for Android?

There are no official mobile/Android versions of the game yet. That might be a reality further down the line once the Pc & Mac versions are done. 

Good To Play After A long Day Of Work.

5 Stars -Some Guy

Thank you for the support!

Hello! I found an incredibly easy to do bug is there any place for me to report and explain it?

Your choice - either on the Free Lives Discord or right here is fine :) 

when you unlock the teleport ability you can use it to go through the windows in the top left of each level and then you can keep teleporting out until you fall out of the map

That has been reported previously - thank you for your input :) 

Ok good to hear :)

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I'm crossing my fingers for Xbox!(after Steam maybe...)

I love this game !

I want to see next updates !


This game is getting so cool and fun!!


Thank you for saying so! The team appreciates the kind words. 

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