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this is also on appstore and play store did you do that or some random people that work for apple and androi

Those versions on mobile have nothing to do with us. This version and the Demo on Steam are the only SITTSM games made by Free Lives. 

My patience is running out! I want to know presumed release date! I'm so excited for this game! please! tell that it will come out in March!

We appreciate the enthusiasm and we will update all the relevant outlets once we have an official release date. 

and also can u add compability for Dualshock 4 and Dualsense  ?

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll chat to the team about which controllers will be supported :) 

this game is cool i played it in 2021 but theres a problem u need more settings bc the i have a weak computer dosent even look it does smth can u add like Low SFX-No SFX


This game needs a reset progress button; I first played on itch, then deleted, and now I got it on steam and I still have my progress

Thanks for the suggestion! 

JM from Devolver playing right now


twin stick controller supported for local co op?


Good question - I'll ask the team

I want the old version of the game

Solution: idk

There are some people over on the Free Lives Discord that might be able to help you :

Other than split screen, can you play multiplayer? Thanks!

hello, you did good work. I wish buy a full version with these new functions:D

The team appreciates the support. Thank you. 

Just beat the demo, it was so good i didnt even think it was a demo amazing job dude like really though amazing i cannot wait for the game to release is there a release date? Thanks :D

Thank you, no official exact dates yet, but we are working towards releasing this year. 

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I found a new funny glitch on the rooftop, where you do the Public Spanking move on an employee that just comes out of the elevator, you go flying and when you land back down it summons another final boss. Here's a picture I took 




Thanks for the screenshot!

Oh and also bunch of hype for release. GL with game!

Thank you!

Hey, Hyphenza

I got a really "good" idea for achievement. It's called "Sanity thief" (You can call it something else). It's when you click the $25 check thing 20 times within 15 seconds.

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll pass it on to the team.


I think it should be called "Hungry for greens"

Cool Game And 100% Complete

Nicely done! Thank you for playing :) 

epic demo


Epic comment - thank you! 


Thank's Hyphenza for Commemorating me. :)


Holy Moly why i'm have to Waiting to 2025 or 2026 OR 2027 OR 2028?


It won't be THAT long. The team is working non stop on cool new content :) 

On steam its saying it will release on 2024 so dont worry ig (i hope no delays)


game dosent work


We haven't had any issues recently - can you tell us what system/platform you're trying to play on? 


this is my fav game bro i like kicking groins *this is an joke and i like the game


why its just an black screen with the version text?

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does it work for windows7   32 bit?


Please respond?


I'm afraid we need all the bits to make the game as awesome as possible - so it's 64bit only 


How long Demo Version Will End

The team is hard at work on awesome new content and the full game is scheduled to come out this year. 

Is this the original "Stick it to the man" game?
Or something different?

This is the original Stick It To The Stickman, 100% unrelated the game you mentioned apart from similarities in the title. 

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I found bag, if you  play in coop mode, and every player die on the last stage after pvp, the game just stops.

Thanks for letting us know! 

I have just one question for the full game. In its Start Up Mode (If there is one), will you be able to change the room type for the floors? In the original it was the same basic ladder. If not, it's completely fine. Keep up the good work though, this is one of my favorite games.

And by the "room type", I mean like the levels, party, garage, or the spa area.


Good question! Let me check with team and get back to you :)


Thank you!

should i play demo

If you like having fun - then yes! (Although I am biased) 

Does Anyone Have The Building Editor Version? Or Is It Listed Here?

The Social Network V0.80A has the startup mode. Someone on the Free Lives Discord may have it :

The general bug i've noticed is sometimes, some enemies suddenly get stuck in the floor causing chaos(constant hit sound, props being flung, the enemy whailing etc.). This glitch is rare but weird. It existed in older versions too. Mostly glitch is triggered by performing an attack(commonly punches or kicks) against specific enemy.

Thanks for letting us know :) 

No problem ;)

Can't wait for game to be released.

Speaking of which, which month it will be released? February? March?

No official exact dates yet - but when there is more news to share, we will update all the relevant outlets asap!

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There is a bug where if there is a coffee machine next to a chair and you press enter to drink coffee while being close enough to the chair, you will sit in the chair while the coffee registers as having been drunk, but you will not get the +1 hp from drinking it

I encountered this on version 4


Thank you for the report!

Amazing game, I am really suprised about the criativity of such games here at itch. Congrats!


Thank you :) 

will you add other buildings as demos?


For now it's just the 2 buildings. There will be more areas in the full game. 


what does shame ability do

so, im looking through the trailer and steam demo, and I'm seeing that the other modes than neurolink and financial seem to be pretty similar to financial. will these modes be unique or just more of the same thing?

Do you have an idea of when will the game be released?

3,6,9 months?

We'll update all the relevant places when we have a finite release date :) 

Where i can find version with neurolink facility

Click these above, depending on your operating system

Is this gonna be free?


The full game will have a cost. 

How much? I'd price it at about $10-15 AUD


No official news on price yet, thanks for the suggestion :) 

You're welcome anytime. Good luck with the game!

i love beating up orphans

tomara que lança de graça porque se tiver modo online vai ter muita gente pra jogar

am I able to get older versions?

Somebody on the Free Lives Discord might be able to help you :

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