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is it possible to download the Social Network Update ??

bro why is stick it to the stickman v0.80A inecssable

You're only able to download the latest version on itch.


which version is the recommended download this one or the steam demo version 

The Steam demo is the newest version

is this game going to release on playstation or nintendo switch i would love for it to release on either one or both good luck with the full release!

Right now the team is focussed on the pc version - but other platforms could be something they look at in the future :) 

yo when us the mac version for the steam stick it to the stick man?

Exuse me,the three new model in steam demo when will it be out or directly out of the formal version.

There is no official news about date yet. But the team is working hard on awesome new stuff! 

Ok i know,thank you for your reply!!

i know i am late but where is social network v.0.80A windows version 

 my friend has it and i am stuck with demo version 

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itch only supplies the latest version - you could ask your friend or on our Discord if anyone has older versions saved , but that's entirely at your own risk.

W game, but i have one question tho, when the game is fully released does it cost money for tho who alr bought the demo or...??


Good question - I'll ask the team what the procedure is


We appreciate all the early support for our game so we will be issuing keys to people that donated on itch (When the full game is ready)


Why can I not type the stock market symbol?

Please bring an android version??


An Android version might be something the team looks at in the future.

What brings the new update?


Is there a version here for linux cuz it doesnt work for me so am making sure


There is no Linux version at the moment - but it might be something the team looks at in the future. 


ok thank you and btw i tried the game on my friends laptop it is really good



Try with motion blur off and a change in the resolution - that seems to have helped people previously.


One question. We can mod this game in future?


What sort of things would you like to mod? 


Just want to ask, was the inspiration for this game just a really bad day at work?

is there a version on Epic Games?


The only places to get the demo right now are here and Steam :) 


on its not letting me down load it

What's happening when you try? 

how mcuh will this cost or will it be free?

The full game will have a cost. 

how much?

No official news on exactly how much yet. 

when full game!?

No word on official release dates at this point. 

thanks for the answer!


Hi free lives. I am Chinese.Please finish reading this passage。

Please pardon me as my English isn't very good.please let me ask you a few questions:

How much money to be prepared to sell when the time comes in steam?and can it be sold cheaper? if you can,i will thank you very much.Because i like this game best,and like stickman best too.

I hope you can see it.


Your English is great! Much better than my Chinese. There will be a cost on Steam - yes - but we don't have official news about how much that will be. 

thanks for your compliment😊,i know the answerof price.Thank you answer me again.I will always follow this game.I hope this game will become better and better.and i will be Your sincere user!!!!(really)


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Is the game completed


The game is still very much in development. 

bruh why that dont update on mac

I shall enquire about the Mac build

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Can you add chinese to this game, the game is too good.


The full game will have Chinese localization.

pleasedo on mobile

Mobile could be an option if there's demand - but as of right now - the team is making the PC version all that it can be!


Hi, I just want to know if the game will be more optimized, because my PC has a somewhat old AMD video card and 8gb of ram, but even so the game has a certain latency (even activating the "Weak computer" option) 

and I also wanted to know if you were going to add more languages in the full version of the game, because I'm Brazilian and English makes the game a little difficult

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I'm sure the team will be looking at optimizing and adding more languages in the full game.


epic game even on free version because i have no credit card to play on full version lol

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Will the game have different languages you can set it to? Like Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese like the popular languages.  


Yes the full game will have different language options. 

yo bro when i open it on mac i dont see anything can anyone help and support me

The team is aware of some issues on some Macs but if you're running an M1 - Running the game on a M1 Mac:
Download -> Right click the app -> Get info -> Tick the box 'Open with Rosetta'.


Very fun game, however it is very laggy and doesn't have options to change graphics besides a check mark that says "i have a weak pc" which isn't helpful at all.


I'm sure the full game will be optimized and have more graphical options ;) 


does the game unload rooms? because my game gets laggier as i get higher.


Can you tell us more about your setup ? Thanks :) 

asus laptop running win 11 and 8 GB of ram

Some setups seem to struggle with the motion blur - have you tried turning that off?


yes, it is off


yo how download version 0.76


Same as below ;) You could ask on our Discord - but the itch downloads are only the latest versions.


How can I download older versions? Like the ones from late 2021?

You could ask on our Discord - but the itch downloads are only the latest versions.

I wish that the steam demo is available on Macbook :(

I'll check with the team if there's any progress with the Mac build

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Yayy thank you :)

Does the stock market serve any other purpose than counting your bucks?

This is from one of the devs, Evan : "The plan is, in the full game, that the stock market feel like a list of rival companies.

The main thing we want is for the CEOs of rival companies to challenge and insult you. So for instance, when your stock surpasses the stock of Apple, the CEO of Apple might challenge you to a duel to the death.

And once your stock surpasses the stock of another company you have the option to “hostile takeover” their company. And once or twice you might need to defend against a hostile takeover.

Right now it is just a list obviously, but we want the list to be more interactive, and we want getting to the top of the list to be a battle."


Are the higher difficulties supposed to be locked?

On the Steam demo - yes - they will be unlocked in the full game. 

Do you create v0.80A on Windows?

If you mean is there a Windows version - yes! Here it is :




when is it releasing you said to check back on steam in 2023 to see the full game release


Maybe when they say 2023 they dont mean the first exact minute 2023 starts.


the only bad news is i don't have windows :(

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