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This game is super fun!! I loved it!

Great game 

so now im confused


Keep trying - you're almost there

at first i helped him up completely

then i stomped his face in once aznd helped him 

even asked my freind but he says theres a thing about expanding wages

Yup - that's correct

i cant unlock the next wages how to do it?

When you finish the game you have to choose to increase minimum wage....


how do I play the game?

What do you mean exactly? Installation link and instructions are above :) 

if this game were on steam i would buy it, it's pretty fun


Thanks : )

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Lo he disfrutado mucho. Me ha gustado la jugabilidad, la progresión de las técnicas y el apartado audiovisual.

Thanks for the upload - Good luck with your channel. 

Idea: different medals for each difficulty completed, when you complete the $ 25 and $ 15 difficulty, they give you the same medal as when you complete the $ 8 difficulty, so I think there should be 3 different medals, one for each difficulty.

Good game by the way :)

I made a concept


could you make a download for chromebook


how do I play the game on Chromebook  

Hey, I'm having problems with the multiplayer controls. Can anyone help?

What exactly are you having problems with? 

Great game! I enjoyed it. I could waste a weekend away playing this game!

Sentient Pudding wins best username of the month. Thanks for playing. 


I see a lot of people asking about how to play as the secret character, so I published a youtube short JUST FOR YOU. In 30 seconds you'll be a master at doing the thing you're supposed to do to do the thing you're trying to do!


This is great! Thanks for making this! 

Thanks! I'm here to help 


Really fun and repititive, feels smooth as all hel but levels become stale quick

Have you tried playing the local multiplayer or building your own company yet? We'll take the really fun compliment tho :) 


The game is absurdly fun, literally the only reason I'm getting on apart from some other games, but most of the times it's this game. The gameplay is fun, kinda works on a low-end PC, but there are few issues regarding the AI.

The biggest issue that I have is with Jeff Bezos's AI, which keeps on using the gravity move over and over again without even touching the ground. Ngl fighting him can be really unenjoyable.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to what the game will look like when it's finished! It's already really promising !

I tried out the co-op for this game, gotta says It was really fun, my friend agrees. By the way at 22:10 in this video, we encountered some kind of bug where I got stuck in a promotion screen and couldn't get out.

Also, I cringe every time someone gets drop-kicked out a window. I love how this game is so simple yet so brutal.

Yes we're loving the multiplayer uploads! Glad you had fun with it. That bug has been reported previously - thanks again for the upload and good luck with the channel. " makes thunder sounds with mouth" 

Thanks for the luck! I look forward to this game getting even bigger. And hopefully even more brutal.


i cant get the secret unit even if i press backspace


just keep on moving to wherever it goes, and you'll eventually be able to pick it. (follow it 6+ times).

Left Ctrl + Backspace


literally the best game on

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Thank you! You're literally the best for saying that!


this game fucking rocks that's all i have to say

You frikken rock 

can i run the game (60fps) in this system spec:

3gb ram/intel celeron processor/Nvidia Geforce 8600 graphic card


did they add local multiplayer?


Yup :) 


Laggy, but a laggy masterpiece.


You said masterpiece - we'll take it - thank you. 

I guess it really depends on how powerful your computer is...

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predictable i guess, but it doesn't work on my machine (32bit windows 8.1) :(

Yup - it's 64bit

i just wanted to play the game but for some reason my computer doesnt let me start up games :c

Have you tried the itch app ? 


Thanks for the upload Bling Bling - good luck with the channel 


why can't I have the secret unit even if I hit backspace on the start of Jeff Bezos' Company???

Also love the game!!!

u need to be sleeping then u press backspace

Sleeping He Said

Still Nothing :( I can not go to secret by pressing Backspace

Left Ctrl+Backspace

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But If I press "P" it doesn't spawn a promotion crate


Apenas chutes e voadoras.


This brings back memories from the old xiao xiao stick fight videos

Hopefully good memories :) 

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Since I'm pretty sure they don't listen to discord suggestions, I'd love the option for adjusting audio 'cuz sometimes I like to listen to podcasts while playing.

I can confirm that the devs are 100% active on the Discord. Thanks for your suggestion - I'll let the team know 

PS: In the graphics settings menu - there is an option to disable music if that helps you at all. 

All the stick it to the stickman

Thanks for the consistent uploads Blood Rage/Power

My brother and i were playing local co-op and discovered that if the first player dies before the second and you go to an upgrade station it soft locks the game because you cannot continue because it doesn't allow you to pick an upgrade.

this is a great game but i wanted to mention the bug because we lost a few runs from it.

Thanks for reporting! What operating system are you using and are you on Social Network 4?

windows, and I am unsure as to what social network 4 is

Ah I see, thanks for the report. The latest update atm is SocialNetwork4. Make sure that’s the version you have downloaded as it has some co-op fixes in it

yeah, I just downloaded it yesterday so it may be this latest release, thank you for responding so quick, have a wonderful day

love the game could you add more bosses multiple would be cool

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We love that you love the game! Thanks for the suggestion

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I'm just going to say great game I love it instead of something long I'm lazy sorry

Don't be sorry! Thank you for the kind words :) 

Make a android or win32


So, turns out winning with zero attacks is harder than I thought it would be. I can't tell you how much I love that I can even DO things like this, though! 0.80A is lit


Awesome thumbnail AND lyrical flows. Thanks for another great upload. 


Thanks hyphen, I always appreciate the love you give <3


Holy crap this is an underrated game. I fricken love this rogue-like, randomized, moveset building, memetastic game! Keep updating it, it's super fun!

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Nice description - Thanks for the compliments Coolstardude, glad you had fun with it :) 


Slappin stupidity of move tests

Sheeeeeesh - that first floor was nuts. 


add the version for PC 32 bits 

Sorry - the team feels a 32 bit version would seriously affect the frame rate - which wouldn't be fun for anybody. So it's 64 bit only. 

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