A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made as part of #piratejam2018 (Which is an awesome 7 day game jam in Thailand)

Evan Greenwood
Robbie Fraser
Jarred Lunt
Marcelle Marais
Jason Sutherland

For this jam we tried to make a game where you explore a large randomly generated skill tree. The game is set in a cult run neighborhood in the middle of America and locals aren't friendly.

It's a prototype, and isn't in any way complete.

Install instructions

Download the zip, unzip it and run it!


Cult Smashers Build 30 April 2018.zip 38 MB


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Deleted 273 days ago

We might work on this a bit more... but we might also start again with some new prototypes that take the best parts of this. We love playing top down shooters, but some of our favourite top down shooters are co-operative (like Hell Divers), so we're likely to try experimenting in that direction. Anything in particular that stood out for you as a "best part" of this?

Deleted 273 days ago