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10.5/10 i am just mowing them down

i want it to be endless tho so am not making it 10.10

I cant controll it like the charecter moves down insatly and if I press WASD I just turn

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i really like it so cool game great job really I love how it's unexpected i mean the way the monsters attack you. I'll be waiting for the next update 10/10

Such a good game I love having the ammo go off the screen and just mowing down the enemies! 10/10

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best game I've played in a long time i can't stop replaying it would love for more updates



Downloads a little while and I played it today and enjoyed it. It's a fun little shooting game with rpg like skills



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We might work on this a bit more... but we might also start again with some new prototypes that take the best parts of this. We love playing top down shooters, but some of our favourite top down shooters are co-operative (like Hell Divers), so we're likely to try experimenting in that direction. Anything in particular that stood out for you as a "best part" of this?

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the best part of this game is everything except that the enemies can shoot through walls, please consider updating or doing a remake or something to do with this game. I find myself playing it almost everyday

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Same here, trying to figure out the best perks. I love that some completely screw you, while some are OP when used correctly. I'd pay for this game.

Find any other games like this?

no this game is soo good that I can't find another like it. I would pay some good money for a bigger version of this game