A downloadable game for Windows

Voting Simulator attempts to demonstrate one element of democracy: how voting patterns affect corruption.

The project isn't in a finished state, but should give you an idea of what we were trying to do.

Voting Simulator was made on a moving train in a bit over 24 hours.

The team was:

Bracken Hall - Writing/Design
Sean Goncalves - Art/Design
Evan Greenwood - Programming/Design


Voting_Simulator_29July2019_Win.zip 20 MB


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Love it, even if or rather because it is very depressing. Would be nice to have a proper Game Over screen though. Would you mind if I build on this basic idea and make it a bit more fleshed out?

Great idea! Would love a further developed version of this.


Interesting little simulation.


I am a fan of ur games ngl