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A physics filled parkour speedrun through the clouds. With chickens. And bears. And rainbows.

Grapple, blink, leash, dagger throw, windblast and more as you quest to shave seconds off your time.

Use your abilities to improve your time and unlock even more powerful/silly abilities! Made for 7DFPS 2020 by 
Evan Greenwood
Samuel Alfred
Jason Sutherland
Marcelle Marais
Luc Wolthers
Jonathan Hau-Yoon Of Free Lives


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You_Did_It_ Faster_Before_(Windows)_V0.59.zip 190 MB


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I like this game very much. But I (and not only me, I think) would like a little variety (and optimization( ). By variety I mean ... well, for example, a sandbox in which you can chop these dudes as much as you like. But in general, a game for 4 / 5 (glitches are not counted, because it's just my laptop is rather weak)

And of course I will understand if you give up my ideas, because you do not owe me anything.


This was amazing! Felt like Superhot meets Tabs! Loved it!!

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I played You Did It Faster Before as part of a "3 free random games" video - I also played MilkMan Karlson and Chick N Sword.

I really want to play this game again in it's own video! I liked this game a lot, it reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on... Really fun and smooth! Can't believe it's a name your own price game, I love it!

Also, HOW DO YOU THROW A DAGGER? It wouldn't let me even when I used the right controls xD

The game is pretty sick, but when I first read the title I misread it "You did it before easter" (Insert ha ha emoji)



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don’t like posting on itch much since i’m technically a content creator here, but like here’s a decent run ig.

easily sub 30 potential lol

Oh no I had been had djahwjdkawhdjawd

Good job on optimizing the route. Im still kinda bummed that the teleport is faster than the grappling hook.

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since you still have to be fairly close for most enemy-based abilities to be usable, that means that trying to aid enemy-based movement to get to enemies more easily realistically saves less time. as such, i would honestly see windblast being used sooner than i would grappling hook. sorry.

altho i've started looking at vortex and it looks kinda interesting.

pog yeet

pog yeet

pog yeet


Really great game! Better than stuff like re:run for speedrunning, I like the variety that abilities and stuff give you and the controls are very tight(though the wall jumping needs some work)


Dani Hater

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share it here :D 

Hopefully it is useful for someone ^^

lets go game easy

i need to see how do you speedrun this game :)


But it was fun.


It was way to lagy tho .


You probably need to upgrade your pc/laptop.

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you have low pc lol



play RE: RUN

Top Tier needs leaderboards and maybe some new levels though

how did i get here

I really enjoy this game. The gameplay is just fun and the world that it plays in is hilarious. I'd love to see more of this or more games like this. Great work!

Goofy, fun, addicting. great game!

Hello how do u get jetpack cause when i slice the trees i does not count?

So I have unlocked all the abilities except one that says you have to "Boop enemies" how do I do that?

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That requires having the passive ability that let's you jump on enemy heads, and then jumping on a lot of enemy heads. ("Boop" probably isn't that clear as a description)

Despite not having as fast a time as everyone else (not that i attempted) I still had a blast playing this game. t flowed so well and smoothly! Sometimes the dagger can be a bit buggy but other than that it worked really well. I loved the derpyness of the enemies and the guys in the top right corner :') Great work dev! :D Game play is below if interested :)

Currently have the fastest time. Its very close though. I have some major Problems with the inconsistency of the throw dagger hitting(Also the ui element which highlights enemies when you can use skills on them activates before you can use said skill) and slow motion since it seems to be random when I get it.

Sweet Jesus that's fast.

Yeah, I really want to spend a little bit of time and improve the consistency of things. It might make old high scores a bit obsolete though :(

Always nice to dismember a lad every now and a gain. ;{)

You've made a sorta "silly Superhot"...that is genius! Any plans to go further with this concept?

For now we just want to release a better level progression and see if more people get into speed-running it. We're hoping we know what we're doing and this will make the game much better! (at least for people new to it)

You absolutely know what you're doing and this is such a solid foundation to build on, excited to see what comes next!

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:O sub-one minute, really wish there was a leaderboard to see if anyone else gets faster

Edit: Saw some faster runs, never realized you can press control to go faster, welp this run was without that, but may try again

Jeepers! Sub-one minute without speed-crouching!!!?

This was SO MUCH FUN!! I was expecting a Cluster Truck balance of rage and entertainment but nope, this was just pure fun and I loved it!!


It was awesome seeing you get faster and faster!

I set the bar pretty low on my first run-through, haha


This game is amazing recommend it to every speedrunner out there.

Everything is pink, how can i fix this problem?

I really don't know... do you have an old graphics card? (we tried use some advanced new Unity engine features, maybe they aren't compatible with your computer?)


This is fun is there an area to post speedrun submissions?

Hmmm... We're pretty new to trying to make Speedrun games... where would you normally post? Do you mean like on Discord... or should we setup a forum on itch.io?

Here's the best time I've ever done (though obviously as the game developer it doesn't count... and also, I'm not the fastest of my friends):

Deleted 248 days ago
Deleted 248 days ago

This was really fun to play haha! Here is my gameplay if you wanna see? :3 


Loved it! 

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epic fun

Thanks for playing!

Amazing and funny game dev :D 

Nice! First video!

Did you figure out you could right click to through a dagger or jump on enemy heads to gain height?

Thank you :) , no i didn't know that i gonna check it out ^^