A downloadable game for Windows

"When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Eat The Rich is a Black Friday Simulator where you gather a mob and score massive savings!

This is a very early alpha version of the game. There's about 10 minutes of gameplay so far.

The game was made during Pirate Jam 2019 by:

Evan Greenwood (Programming) and Luc Wolthers (Art)

(Inspired by the work of @PunchesBears)

This game is still in production. Any feedback would really be appreciated!

Instructions to play: 1. Download the .zip file. 2. Unzip the .zip file to a folder. 3. Open up that folder and double click on the .exe file. It only works on Windows (at the moment).


Eat The Rich (Windows) 26 April 2019 79 MB


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update now or make other part of this game or else i will kill u

this is fun UPDATE NOW or i will shoot u with my red army gun from roblox til u die >:D

love this game

This is so much fun! I hope you continue work on it. I love it. 

I had a stupid amount of fun with this, and was actually disappointed when it abruptly ended (I think you can hear it in my voice!)

I'd love to see more, so that I can come back and do a longer playthrough. Also a thought I had during recording; a multiplayer element to this game would be RIDICULOUSLY fun!

I ran down the cashiers every time.LOL

game looks so fun dibs me first to play it please

looks fun!

This game is something that I think could snowball into something big the further it gets developed. 

Keep on keeping working on it I'm exited to know where it goes! 


when is part 2 gonna come out?

Had an Interesting experience lolol XD Great game in my book :D 


A had a really fun time playing the game.

Lol (Лол)


This like totally reliable delivery service and human fall flat had a small baby! I would love to see this expand! Here is my experience on it. 

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It's an amazing game i like what you did with it well done !!!

Thanks for playing. Very fun and funny ))))

best game to play when bored

i saw a video about this game its sooo fun and very rando


i love dis game sooo much

I love this game. It seems like it's no longer being developed though, as the last update was over a year ago, which makes me kinda sad.

I had a little too much fun with this one...

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Very funny game i laught a lot

Thank you so much for making good game! I uploaded my play-through in Japanese! とても、面白かったですwありがとうございました。

Love the game. Made a video on it. some bugs there and then and could use some more options maybe new stores in the future. https://studio.youtube.com/video/31n0f-kLvN8/edit

I cant play the game it says failed to load mono.

Good game Good music 10/10 can't wait for updates

This is an indeed accurate representation of Black Friday. Loved it haha
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The fact that I enjoyed watching pink people smash into each other aggressively really brings up strange questions..

could you make a Mac version please?

love this

I did not know what to expect but im glad i played it! 

Weird game..... I love it 

how do i play

it's the best game in the world

You turkey nipple sucker, MINECRAFT IS DA BEST

Almost 7.4 billion peeps knows it.


This was so funny. You need to make a 'Karen' character. 

And she need to say:


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I hate this it always shows download error so help me download it!!

soooooo funny!!! Loved every minute of it! please check out my play through below :) 

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