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fun, 10/10 would recommend 


super duper ████████╗██╗░░██╗██╗░█████╗░░█████╗░


As a retail worker that worked on black friday, really felt this one. Was super fun and hilarious! Hope you enjoy the video! 

DanTDM played this so I played this too


it's so funny

this is a night mare

this is on my nerfs

YEA >:( 

for some reason it goes into my folder and then i can't open 

it. And then it doesn't show up on my computer screen

Not T H I C C

if you press space you throw yourself foward

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Funny Random Games' series on my YouTube Channel! 😃

This was hilarious! Those ragdoll physics were amazing! Looking forward to seeing where this game goes when it moves out of Alpha! 😃

Check the video out below!

Huge thanks FOOK.

dantdm saw gam

Bro, thats an amazign job. Well done. You should keep it up. YOU have my full support!


its nice i need compleate

I played this for two hours after recording it, I love it!! Good job!!

Buenisimo jajaja

Suscríbete para más


update now or make other part of this game or else i will kill u

i would like to see you try

Come at us bro!

But also we are hoping to continue work as soon as possibl


this is fun UPDATE NOW or i will shoot u with my red army gun from roblox til u die >:D

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this is cringe


love this game

This is so much fun! I hope you continue work on it. I love it. 

We will!

I had a stupid amount of fun with this, and was actually disappointed when it abruptly ended (I think you can hear it in my voice!)

I'd love to see more, so that I can come back and do a longer playthrough. Also a thought I had during recording; a multiplayer element to this game would be RIDICULOUSLY fun!


Thanks it means a lot to us!

I ran down the cashiers every time.LOL

game looks so fun dibs me first to play it please

looks fun!

This game is something that I think could snowball into something big the further it gets developed. 

Keep on keeping working on it I'm exited to know where it goes! 

Thanks! We look forward to making more of this


when is part 2 gonna come out?

Had an Interesting experience lolol XD Great game in my book :D 


A had a really fun time playing the game.

Lol (Лол)


This like totally reliable delivery service and human fall flat had a small baby! I would love to see this expand! Here is my experience on it. 

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It's an amazing game i like what you did with it well done !!!

Thanks for playing. Very fun and funny ))))

best game to play when bored

i saw a video about this game its sooo fun and very rando


i love dis game sooo much

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