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just the people you are in the game uuhhh i cant really show how i can explain it but wen i saw this game and saw some cut scenes i was like this is my kind of game XD

This game also made me want to sing and I did


I cant figure out how to play it can someone help me 

there is literally a tutorial on the game description

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Funny Game in Hindi


ı see this game before

This game is fun as hell 

This game was SO FUN. Played it with my sibling on ,y new playthrough. 

This game has aged like a fine wine since 2019.

make anuther 1

Had a blast with this game! My only suggestion would be to perhaps add a brief explanation on how to play in terms of controls and whatnot as getting started was a tad bit unclear at the start.

Gamplay en español


I Will Consume Jeff Bezos


funny game. Can't wait for part 2

when will 2 come out

kinda boring and laggy :/

its name is CATS RULE!

Guys. I made my FIRST game!!

But do NOT play it . 

Whoever you are... DO NOT PLAY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LoL! this is so funny


very nice game, a bit longer would be perfect!


so happy I played this! 

please make it for mac


Actually quite the fun game. Unfortunately quickly done and finished but dude, just fun. Good job!

i got fat on the rich. no regrets.

Very Fun, Very violent!

They're coming in

One of the most funny and wild games I''ve played in a while! I can't wait to see what else they cook up.  Great alpha!

saquen la 2 porfa

muy bueno el juego pero espero q saquen la 2 espero


Drink milk hit billy and beat your willy



is the game still being developed ?

good game

This game is pretty funny lol

Mobile game developers: 

It's free real estate

why on last screenshot there's no number "4" and 2 "3" numbers?

fun game i like it

the rich taste delectable

update the game pls also 10/10

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