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does not work on 32-bit when i try to install it...its says " This app can't run on your PC......To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher. anyone else having same problem

is this on mobile?



THIS GAME IS A DELIGHT. I need more sales in my life. i need a nekkid mob to assalt cops and steal bikes.

круто! Mother Russia is STRONG in me P.S it means cool! Nice Game!

I took one look at this game and decided I needed to play it.

This game is cool.


This game is awesome, I really like it, its a different experience of gameplay but is great, I made videos for Youtube but Im Hispanic, Relly good game!!

Please continue with the game,  cheers from Mexico!!  <3

I got an idea for this game

Add some kind of strong guy or fat guy they can bust down walls fairly easily and can pick up multiple items how about that? 

P.S love this game 😉

Oh God. That's weird, we've actually modeled a strong guy and a fat guy already and redesigned the shopping trolley to collect multiple items. (though we haven't had enough time yet to put it into an update)

ye boiiii'


this game is the best XD

pls make a linux build, althow im using windows linux is the future of gaming AND stadia runs of linux


We had Sooooo much fun with this one :D

Do you plan to continue/develop it any further?

Thanks for playing!
Yes, what's there is about half of what we had planned. We ran out of time and had to work on other projects, but we should have a chance to work on Eat The Rich again in the next couple months and finish it off.

Music to my ears! I wish you all the best with the updates when you get there and I WILL be playing it :D

How do you enter the game

way 1: get the app, then unzip it, then open the .exe

way 2:get the app,then log in,then search for eat the rich,then install.

i know u have to download it but what do u do after that

unzip the folder then go inside then run eat the rich.exe or somthing like that(i use the app

How do u get the game????

I absolutely had a blast playing this game and it ended up being a hit on my podcast, this is such a delightful game and really looking forward to a full release!



This game is cool

I Can't Open The File

open win.rar

I Can't Install It

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black friday the best day to shop and the best day to play this gam

How did you do that?

fonts boi

it's black friday!

gostei de mais e muito bom nss mano bom de +eat the rich

its such a cool game i just wish it was longer but i cant wait for the next update!!


I must say this game is very fun. i think that it could be made into something amazing. maybe think about adding a freeworld of shoping, like a mall or something and please make the second "EAT THE RICH"

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its so funny

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Cool game, witing for the second part! YEAAA

A really decent game, had a tonne of fun and looking forward to future version guys. :D

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wish i could play, but its not available for mac :(


Its Fun For meh But its Funny XD

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Meow meow meow meow hiss growl


This is such a fun game that has such a simple concept but has such great additions upon each level that is doesn't get boring and has you craving more. Cannot wait to see what this game has to offer! Definitely excited to see what happens after the police are called in ;) hahaha


this game was incredibly fun!


Great game 9/10 would buttfuck. Excited for new developments!





Amazing game you guys (to Call Of The Void and LolthersArt)! Please, for the LOVE OF PINK! Make play 2!!!

Those guards are nothing against the righteous TRUTH of THE PINK!!

YouTuber: The Bubble E1

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