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I had a little too much fun with this one...

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Very funny game i laught a lot

Thank you so much for making good game! I uploaded my play-through in Japanese! とても、面白かったですwありがとうございました。

WOW! thanks so much for playing! Awesome video!

Love the game. Made a video on it. some bugs there and then and could use some more options maybe new stores in the future.

I cant play the game it says failed to load mono.

Good game Good music 10/10 can't wait for updates

This is an indeed accurate representation of Black Friday. Loved it haha
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The fact that I enjoyed watching pink people smash into each other aggressively really brings up strange questions..

could you make a Mac version please?

love this

I did not know what to expect but im glad i played it! 

Weird game..... I love it 

how do i play

it's the best game in the world

You turkey nipple sucker, MINECRAFT IS DA BEST

Almost 7.4 billion peeps knows it.


This was so funny. You need to make a 'Karen' character. 

And she need to say:


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I hate this it always shows download error so help me download it!!

soooooo funny!!! Loved every minute of it! please check out my play through below :) 

This game is hilarious, please continue!

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reminds me when i used to fight over the controller when i was younger

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This is an absolutely awesome game! It's so simple yet such a fun experience! Honestly when it ended, I just wanted to keep playing more haha. Can't wait to see where this game goes and I will definitely keep an eye out for future releases! Here's the link to my Youtube video if you wanna laugh yourself off for a couple minutes lol


BECOME ONE OF US... Hahahahaha hilarious

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! I make videos on a bunch of other weird games so if you want to check out my channel to laugh your butt off even more, here's the link!



I love the game yet the only thing I dislike is that it's so short. keep up the good work anyway!


Lol ... Wait ... Its Not Black Friday ! Its Corona Time ! 😂


in this game is haves so much lag, why i love games but not like that i love games with no lag! 


This was a creative game. I love the concept and I do wish sometimes you could see a bit more of the area. If the game zooms out a bit when the crowd get larger.

Starts at 1:20


Delicious game! I would appreciate it if you could check out my channel!


this game is weird. and could you put the 32 bit version of this? im using a 32 bit computer


This game was fun to play & here's my YouTube video on it.

stumbled upon this great one last year and loved it! I want a second part! :-D :-D

Pretty funny, but also quite clunky. Perhaps you could explain the controls in game (move the x and then press space when the x is over an item). I liked that the store changed, but I didn't understand how the savings and debt meters worked.

can i ask when its gonna be updated as i really enjoy the game and would love to see what happens with the police

I opened up the unzipped file and it says unityplayer.dll cannot be found.


Please show us the way you open it

dont work but i have window

The game worked for me. If you want me to try to help you, then please send me a direct message over on my Twitter, Just check my pinned Tweet at the top of my Twitter profile if you don't know how to send me a direct message.


I really enjoyed it. Thank you for this great game.

I posted a youtube video! Please make part 2!



fun game but i finished it in like 10min then there was nothing left to do

It's too be continued from what I saw on a YouTube video.

oh k thx

Yup. Sorry, it's best to talk to me on my Twitter, (just check my profile on here for the link), as I don't talk via comments.

@ NeedforGaming321123 Hey, thanks for being my first follower here on! 🥳🎉🎊🎈

your welcome and anytime my insta btw is ra33n if you wish to fallow me 

I don't use Instagram, try talking to me over on Just click the letter icon on my Twitter profile, as it'll let you send me a direct message.


I really enjoyed this game hope theres a second one

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